Pitch and Roll


ImageWe arrived in Sardinia this morning. The overnight ferry crossing from the Port of Livorno on the mainland to the Port of Olbia in Sardinia was a bit rough due to high winds.  We all arrived safely, some with varying degrees of seasickness. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and before Cyprus) and is a part of Italy although the island is closer to Africa than Italy. It is one of the most geologically ancient bodies of land in Europe. Along with having one of the highest concentrations of beer drinkers, readers and centenarians, Sardinia is home to nearly 4 million sheep with almost half to the total Italian sheep population. I lost count after a couple of hundred.Image


Today’s ride took me along the coast and then into the mountains to the town of Fonni. I am following a preprogrammed GPS route that makes navigation a breeze, especially when you come upon a road closure. One such closure was due to bridge repairs. Before I came upon the road-closed sign, I noticed several cars and motorcycles taking a turn off onto a dirt road headed for the river. I soon discovered that said dirt road was the new river crossing. I was looking forward to forging the river on the motorcycle and was more than a bit disappointed to find that a rock and gravel crossing had been built. I considered forging the river anyway but, being on a rented motorcycle that I am responsible for, better judgment won out and I took the rock crossing.


I was riding alone today which afforded me the luxury of stopping at will to take pictures and to venture off when the mood hit to check out something that I thought might be interesting: Such as the town of Orgosolo. Orgosolo is famous for two things: 1) its murals and 2) its murders. The murals are primarily political in nature and are found on walls all over town. Once known as the “Village of the murderers” due to its high crime rate. Bandits from the surrounding mountains once used the church door to post notices of death sentences placed upon their enemies. The inhabitants of the town claim to be descended from the aboriginal Sardinian race, although other Sardinians claim that they are descended from Gypsies or escapees from the Roman penal colony. I locked my saddlebags on the motorcycle just in case.











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