Travelers of Terminal 3

Austin Healy

Austin Healy

Hello? Is anyone out there? Yes, it has been quite awhile since I last posted. My bad. I’ve been busy. Busy enough that I decided it was time for a break and a motorcycle ride in Italy. This year’s ride will be taking me to Sardinia and Corsica, islands off the coast of Italy.

Many people have seen the internet posting of “The People of Walmart”. It’s a posting of people shopping at Walmart wearing outfits that may best be classified as “unusual”. I’ve decided that there needs to be a new posting titled, “Travelers of Terminal 3”. Whilst waiting for my flight to Florence, I encountered several people who need to be featured. As I have never developed the skill of surreptitiously taking photos of people whilst in confined public spaces, I will need to describe the images in 1,000 words or less. For me, the images are burned into my brain and I fear that I will never lose them.

Approach into Florence

Approach into Florence

Candidate #1) An older woman, perhaps in her early to mid 70s wearing a skin tight grey cotton jersey body suit that left NOTHING to the imagination. Now, I know that people like to be comfortable when traveling, however…. Although quite slim, her body giggled everywhere when she walked. The sight of her was akin to looking at a horrific traffic accident involving the elderly, children and pets. A sight so nauseating that you don’t want to look but you just have to and then wished that you hadn’t.

Candidate #2) A middle aged man wearing a floppy canvas sun hat, chin strap firmly in place. His long sleeve dress shirt was brown and tan stripped, a-la 1972 and his shorts were electric blue plaid. If you stared at the shorts long enough, you would burn the corneas of your eyes. The shorts did, however, divert your attention from his paler shade of white legs, light brown over the calf dress socks and lace-up black dress shoes. If I were to ever venture out in public dressed like him, please shoot me until I’m dead and then fire off another few round just to make sure.

Candidate #3) A 20 something woman wearing pink flowered flannel pajamas, slippers and carrying a teddy bear pillow. Her hair was multi-coloured, half dreadlocks and half unwashed since birth. At first I thought that she might be a special needs individual, but after hearing her talking with her equally follicle/hygienically challenged boyfriend, I decided that she wasn’t special needs, just “special”.

The flight to Florence (via Frankfurt) was uneventful and I was able to get a little sleep. That is until I was jolted awake by mental images of the woman in the grey body suit. I may never get a good night’s sleep again.

Florence as seen from the hotel terrace in Fiesole

Florence as seen from the hotel terrace in Fiesole

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