It’s wet. Plain and simple

This morning I laid in bed listening to the rain softly fall on the courtyard outside of my open hotel windows. Is there anything more soothing than listening to rain softly falling? If your plan for the day is to stay indoors and put up some pots of jam or sit in front of a roaring fire reading one of the many books collecting on the side table, then the answer is perhaps yes. If you are planning a five-hour motorbike ride from Bamberg, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic, then the answer is most definitely no. We are, however, men on motorbikes so we suited up, layered up, mounted our motorbikes and sloshed off.


Old Town Square
Prague, CZ

We had been told that there was nothing of real importance to visit on the route today. It’s raining. We’re going to be miserable. We opted to forgo the country roads and take the autobahn directly to Prague. There were fields and woods alongside the autobahn, barely visible through the constant rain and spray kicked up from the semi-trucks accompanying us on the autobahn. I have learned that waterproof gear looses its ability to repel water at some point in time. I found that point in time today. Water trickling into your riding boots is never a good thing. No matter, I’ve always wanted to visit Prague.


Staromestska Radnice
Prague, CZ

At the hotel in Prague, I joyfully discovered that I had been provided a suite: More rooms to hang things to dry. Score!! After a hot shower and finding the driest articles of clothing available, John and I set off to explore the city. Prague has been described to me as the “Paris” of the Eastern Block. There may not be an Eiffel Tower in Prague, but it is a stunningly beautiful city. Tomorrow we are scheduled to take a segway tour of Prague but tonight, I was content to explore what I could (limp) on foot.


Vitava River
Prague, CZ

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