Meet your motorbike

We were up early Sunday morning to catch our flight to Munich. I decided to splash out and take a cab versus schlepping our luggage onto the subway. Whilst checking in for our flight at the airport, I discovered that there had been an hour delay on the subway heading to the airport. Taking a cab was a good choice. The flight to Munich was just under two hours and included an in-flight snack of Bratwurst balls with a liquid mustard center (I’d love to know how they do that). In Munich, our driver was at baggage claim to meet us and we were whisked off to our hotel. With three hours to kill before the orientation and welcome dinner, John chose to take a nap (he still being in the throws of jet lag) and I chose to wander into the wee village of Olching (about 20 minutes northwest of Munich) where we are spending two nights.


It’s blue!
BMW R1200R

This morning we were introduced to our motorbikes. There was only one blue moto in the bunch. Given that blue is my preferred colour of vehicles, I knocked two other riders out of the way to claim it as mine. After a quick orientation on the bikes and how to use the GPS unit, John and I took off for a “training ride”. The weather turned from a drizzle to a steady rain. The ride was lovely: Meandering roads through the woods and fields of southern Germany past bucolic lakes and rivers. Had it not been raining, the ride would have been spectacular. To keep things in perspective, we are riding motorbikes through the countryside of Europe. Rain or shine, the bar is already set pretty darn high. We stopped in various villages to gander at the local architecture and converse with the local bovines.


Bovine “unintelligentious”

Just so you know, cows DO NOT respond to the German commands for “sit” or “lay down” that I learned to use on my German Shepherd; stupid cows.


The fleet


Local architecture




Snack: Cherry cake


Bad Tölz, Germany

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