If it’s 10:00 am, it must be Buckingham Palace

My best friend, John, flew in this morning and is joining me on the motorcycle ride. He’s never been to London so we were scheduled for two days of forced marches to see all of the sites before flying to Munich. I’ve been in the UK for over a week so any side effects of jet lag are long gone. John had only two hours of sleep on the flight in and desperately wanted a shower when I met him at Heathrow airport. A quick stop at the hotel to freshen up and, tired or not, he was off for his first taste of London.


Buckingham Palace Guard

First stop: Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard.


Standing guard at Trafalgar Square

From there we walked to Trafalgar Square and then on to the Parliament buildings, Big Ben and Westminster Abby. A brief walk through the West End and Covent Garden areas and then it was a subway ride back to the hotel. John was meeting his partner’s aunt for the first time this evening so he wanted to get in a bit of a nap so he could make a good impression. I guess I could give him that.


Leister Square

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