Can I get a side of defibrillator with that?

The sister-in-law and nephew-in-law flew in last night. From what I understand it was a rather bumpy flight given the storms in the area. Upon landing in Indianapolis, they were held on the tarmac for over an hour because, for safety reasons, the ground crew was prevented from being dispatched due to the localized lightening. I’m trying to understand why a guy with a flashlight is in any more danger of being struck by lightening when a giant aluminum tube filled with people can be left sitting out in full view of the lightening gods. I’m sure there is a compelling reason, I just don’t happen to know what it is.

Family Farm Rushville, IN

Family Farm
Rushville, IN

Today we headed to visit the family farm, but first, breakfast. Healthy eating is a choice. Finding healthy choices on menus at the local restaurants can be a challenge. We stopped at Mother’s Table Pancake House as, much to our disappointment, the Waffles and More was closed. Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed an elderly woman with hurricane blown hair sitting at a table laden with food. She was intently reading the menu. Apparently she was reading every written word on the menu as she continued to read the menu the entire time we were in the restaurant. I watched, well ok, I stared. I know it was rude but I couldn’t help it. I kept waiting to see of a sparrow emerged from its nest in her hair.

Farmer's Omelet Mother's Table Pancake House Indianapolis, IN

Farmer’s Omelet
Mother’s Table Pancake House
Indianapolis, IN



I ordered the farmer’s omelet. It seemed innocent enough: Onions, bell pepper, hash brown ‘taters and cheese all rolled up in a envelop of eggs. It was topped with sausage cream gravy and came with a side of two full-size buttermilk pancakes. I’m glad I had declined the side of bacon, ham or sausage. One clogged artery is enough for breakfast; we still had lunch and dinner to get through. After a tour of the farm and historic downtown Rushville, IN we stopped for lunch on our way to dinner.




Pork Tenderloin Sandwich Flamingo Motel/Cafe Dunreith, IN

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Flamingo Motel/Cafe
Dunreith, IN

The official State food of Indiana is the pork tenderloin sandwich: Pork tenderloin pounded thin, breaded, deep-fried and served on a hamburger bun. The tenderloin is the size of a dinner plate and completely dwarfs the bun. I opted for the “deluxe” version as it came with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo. I was desperate for some veggies, any veggies that hadn’t been boiled to death. Don’t get me wrong, I love country style green beans: Onion, bacon and canned green beans boiled until the beans barely old their shape. I just wanted a veggie that still had some crunch to it. Dinner was a delight. Noah Grant’s in Zionsville, IN serves up outstanding (and fresh) seafood. I was a bit wary, but ordered the seafood cioppino. Cioppino originated in San Francisco and IS the San Francisco treat. Sorry Rice-a-Roni, but you are produced in Chico, CA so you lose, ad slogan or not. I will admit the cioppino was excellent. There is fine dining in Indiana you just need to know where to go.

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