Going Home


It was tough to leave Lake Tahoe. Not only because of its natural beauty but also because I knew it was the last leg of my journey. I needed to get home to deal with some family business so there was no choice other than to leave. No use of Carmen (the GPS) today: I know my way home from Lake Tahoe: Highway 50 over Echo Summit, past Placerville and into Sacramento to interstate highway 80. Echo Summit was covered with snow. Clearly spring was having trouble awakening in this part of the Sierras. It did, however, provide for a very scenic drive. This has been a great road trip. I’ve realized that the route would make for a great motorcycle tour. I’ll need to look into that more. I’m not sure that Morgan (the dog) enjoyed the trip as much as I did. I do know that she doesn’t enjoy the twisty roads as much as me. She did, however, enjoy all the new smells she got to check out. After 7 days of traveling, she finally figured out the morning routine: Get up, have breakfast, walkies to pee and poop, get into the crate and get a dog treat. The following are the highlights and my recommendations.


  • –   Days on the road: 7
  • –   Miles traveled: 2,446
  • –   Weather conditions encountered: Clear and sunny skies, cloudy and overcast, high winds, dust storms, rain, sleet, hail, snow
  • –   Highest point crossed: Echo Summit, Lake Tahoe, CA – 7,382 feet above sea level
  • –   Lowest point crossed: Furnace Creek, Death Valley, CA – 190 feet below sea level
  • –   Highest temperature encountered: 90 degrees, Furnace Creek, CA
  • –   Lowest temperature encountered: 33 degrees, Flagstaff, AZ
  • –   Dog treats consumed: 27
  • –   Air filters changed: 1


  • –   Promontory, UT: Admittedly, there isn’t a lot there other than the visitor’s center and site of the golden spike, but the location is a major piece of US history.
  • –   Spending time with Suzan
  • –   Southern Utah: Absolutely magical. A definite must for anyone’s travel list
  • –   Monument Valley, UT (or is it AZ?): Magical, even in a dust storm
  • –   Sedona, AZ: Plan on staying several days. An overnight was clearly not enough
  • –   The eastern side of the Sierra Mountains: A road less traveled but worth checking out
  • –   Lake Tahoe: Its beauty speaks for itself


  • –   Jäsoh! Restaurant and Brew Pub: Ogden, UT – Where to dine when in Northern Utah. Say hello to AJ, the owner, for me
  • –   René at Tlaquepaque: Sedona, AZ – Whilst there are a lot of dining choices in Sedona, this one needs to be on your list
  • –   La Quinta Inn and Suites, Las Vegas Airport South: Las Vegas, NV – A great place to stay when in Las Vegas and traveling with a dog
  • –   Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe: South Lake Tahoe, CA – A perfect location on the south shore of Lake Tahoe and pet friendly

2 thoughts

  1. Welcome back home… love the blog! Thanks for bringing me along on your trip, if only by words and photos. I sure enjoy it!

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