Doughnut Dolly

Doughnut Dolly

Photo: Liz Hafalia, The San Francisco Chronicle

I had lunch in the Temescal area of Oakland last week with my friend Michael. After lunch, we had a craving for something sweet. Well, OK, I  had a craving and dragged Michael along. We decided to head to Doughnut Dolly, a gourmet doughnut parlor owned and operated by my friend Hannah Hoffman. She creates the most AMAZING filled doughnuts. They are definitely NOT cardiologist approved, but then, I’m guessing most fried foods aren’t. My favorite is her naughty doughnut: A fresh made doughnut filled with a mixture of mascarpone cheese, cream, butter, eggs and sugar. That, coupled with a glass of iced coffee, made for a perfect ending to lunch. A warm spring day, doughnut and coffee; what more could you ask for? Doughnut Dolly is located in an alley behind Telegraph Ave along with various other cool and interesting shops and is well worth a visit for browsing and noshing. Doughnut Dolly: 482 B 49th St. (near Telegraph Avenue), Oakland; (510) 338-6738.  8 a.m.-3 p.m,. or until sold out, Wednesday-Sunday.

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